Photography by Michael Kinney

Embark on a visual journey with me as I unveil the hidden wonders of this aquatic paradise surrounding the Susquehanna River watershed. Through my lens, I strive not just to capture moments but to illuminate the beauty and importance of these creatures, fostering a deep appreciation for their existence. 

Creature Spotlight

Eastern Hellbender

In these photographs, you'll witness the beauty and grace of the Eastern Hellbender, an ancient amphibian that has inhabited our waters for millions of years. Their presence signifies the cleanliness and vitality of our rivers and streams. As photographers, we have a powerful platform to showcase these remarkable creatures and raise awareness about their importance in our ecosystem. 

The Eastern Hellbender is an ancient creature, tracing its roots back to approximately 160 million years ago. Its lineage dates back to the late Jurassic period, making it one of the oldest lineages of salamanders in North America. 

The Eastern Hellbender breathes primarily through a process called cutaneous respiration, which occurs through its skin. The skin acts as a respiratory surface, enabling the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide with the surrounding water. 

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