Michael Kinney

My favorite places to photograph are waterways local to the Loyalsock State Forest and the Susquehanna River Watershed.

My first pictures with my own camera were in 2010, mostly interested in simply documenting my travels to have in the future. I also took the camera along fishing and shared some of catches with friends. After a few years I needed a waterproof camera to further explore underwater.

In 2017 I filmed a creature known as the Eastern Hellbender that was quickly shared by a lot of others as well. It was a large conversation piece and many people had no idea this creature existed.

It was an eye opening experience following the stories of the Hellbender which eventually became Pennsylvania's State Amphibian in 2019 in order to provide further awareness and protection.

Today I regularly keep an eye on the areas I enjoy and often share my sights knowing how important snapshots of the watershed can be.

Consider making a donation towards my cost of presentations and public photo displays that are taken to shows to promote a healthy environment and raise awareness, or directly visit my favorite non-profits below and discover why I support their causes.

Organizations I Support and Volunteer for

Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association

Susquehanna Greenway Organization


Experienced In

Real Estate & Advertising

Landscape & Waterscape

Racing & Extreme Sports

Fishing & Wildlife

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Displays and Events

Creatures of the Susquehanna - No current display.

Underwater Photography Presentation - No current events scheduled.

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